Welcome to the songs of your future. What you listen to today will stay with you all your life. You can enjoy my songs free below, just click on the song title.  The value of these songs is impressive and is increasing. So, be wise and enjoy collecting them while you can.

1st album 2018: Robbery (Released December 2018)
It’s Over, You wear Your Heart, Make It Okay, Laughing on the Left Side of my Heart, 
In A State, Let Me Know (Avisamé), She Said Okay, Why Rain?, It’s A Robbery
The Drunken Umbrella Dance, Torn Heart, 2nd Thoughts

video: It’s Over

2nd album 2019: See You Again (Released October 2019)
She’s Looking For You, Rare & True, Peggy Sue Got Divorced, Tall Lady U.S.A.F., See You
Villein Of The Law, She’s So Sorry, I Just Want To…, If You Don’t Wanna Do It,
Ask You Back, I Should Care

3rd album 2020: Another Girl (September)
She Wants You, Don’t, What You Want Is What You Get, It Doesn’t Matter, Leave, If Santa Can’t Make It…,  The Hanging Photo,  Another Girl, The Start Of Something New,  She’s So Blind,  Everything’s Going My Way,  Love, love.