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Welcome. You can hear my songs on Spotify, iTunes, etc. or Songtrader or just click the links below before you own any or all of the songs yourselves. Below are my albums. 

It’s Over, You wear Your Heart, Make It Okay, Laughing on the Left Side of my Heart, 

In A State, Let Me Know (Avisamé), She Said Okay, Why Rain?, It’s A Robbery

The Drunken Umbrella Dance, Torn Heart, 2nd Thoughts


Get it while you can.

ROBBERY, my debut album

ROBBERY, is a compilation of 12 songs including It's Over and all remastered specially for this album. Let me know where to send it and it’s on the way.


It’s Over video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxXBLVb4fMY

2nd album 2019: See You Again (Released October 2019)

She’s Looking For You, Rare & True, Peggy Sue Got Divorced, U.S.A.F., See You

Villein Of The Law, She’s So Sorry, I Just Want To…, If You Don’t Wanna Do It,

Ask You Back,

SEE YOU AGAIN, my second album

SEE YOU AGAIN, includes 12 new songs remastered for this album. Let me know where to send it and a SIGNED copy will be on its way.